What you need to know about eviction – A guide

In India, millions of people live in rented apartments. With the social economy getting brisk in most parts of the country, more and more people are moving to newer cities where they also seek a house to live and settle. Rented places serve as the easy choice and are also readily available.

However, from a landlord’s perspective, offering their house on rent warrants caution; and a bad decision could turn out to be problematic, if the requisites are not secured at the outset.. And when the situation is out of control, getting the house evicted appears to be the only option. But, this is easier said than done and the landlord may not be aware of the starting point, let alone the legal process.

As a landlord however, it is essential that he/she at least knows the trigger points that can be cited for serving the eviction notice to the tenant. Here are a few reasons which can be considered-

  • Failure to pay rent – This is the most common and also the strongest reason that can lead to conflict with the tenant.
  • Subletting – If the tenant has rented your property to a party not mentioned in the lease agreement.
  • Commercial use of the property – If the tenant has started using your property for commercial purpose(s) which was not agreed upon during the lease.
  • Damage to property – If the tenant has done damage to your property in any manner that is evident.
  • Social unease – If the society has expressed concern regarding the conduct of the tenant.
  • Seeking one’s property for self use – If the landlord himself seeks property for self use (whatsoever).

Serving an eviction notice is the first action that a landlord takes after facing reluctance on the part of the tenant. It is the beginning of the legal procedure; also, if the situation so warrants, through the lawyer/court of law (as per the law of the land).Even the state (provincial) laws are modeled differently and need to be considered for sending a legal notice to the tenant. Writing a proper eviction notice is equally important because it determines the effectiveness of the process.

We understand that the entire process can be cumbersome and intimidating, therefore, Reniso offers complete assistance from the first step all the way to the final resolution.While it is unlikely to fully eliminate such cases, we ensure that things are done right through 360′ tenant screening and verification which include checks on personal identity, credit history, court records, criminal records, previous landlord, and the employment. In case of a red flag at any stage, the search for a new tenant begins without exceptions. Once the client is on our platform, we assume full responsibility of the asset and the property investment is monitored at every step of the way including delinquency management and constant coordination with the RWA and local authorities making it seamless experience for all the stakeholders involved considering that such situations are precarious, we take all the pre-emptive measures to avoid reaching the stage of eviction. However, if the need arises Reniso follows a stringent process starting from preparing and sending an eviction notice to the tenant on behalf of the owner, clearly stating the reasons for the violation followed by 2 reminders in a span of 15 days. If there is no action on the eviction notice sent by Reniso, a legal notice is sent through the lawyer to the tenant. The final resort is to file an eviction suit in the civil court, but so far, we have managed cases through eviction notices and constant follow-ups by Reniso property managers.

We also facilitate early terminations of the lease agreement which may arise due to unforeseen circumstances like the tenant moving to another city for professional reasons or due to mutual disagreements between the tenant and the owner. However, with a matrix which clearly defines the responsibilities of the owner and the tenant, any future discrepancies or fallouts can be avoided. Another prerequisite that comes handy in dire straits is the documentation be it identity proofs or agreements, and Reniso handles it diligently. Through advanced technology facets such as AI, ML, NLP, we are trying to build robust systems for a hassle-free experience, streamlining the process through online transactions, auto-reminders, tenant ratings, owner ratings, and much more.

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