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How important is it to understand the dynamics of a work culture in everyday lives? The last three months at Reniso has painted a very different picture of the otherwise unpopular corporate world. We, at Reniso have redefined the ethics of working by a collective effort that displayed the willingness to go beyond the preset perceptions.

Here we work on the “Inside” to create powerful stories on the “outside”. The constant effort of each individual to push the bar of performance standards higher everyday is unprecedented. Being a startup has always been overrated with the perks of a flexible environment which is absolutely true, again not forgetting that it evolves everyday to build robust processes and winning strategies.

We have always prided ourselves in building a newer, progressive and aspirational culture as the leadership decided to break the hierarchical norms. The concept of “free thinking” at Reniso has made us understand what “core competence” and “productive frontiers” meant for business. All of us here are thought leaders, always bringing something new to the table. Novelty binds us together and breaks the monotony.

To cite an excellent example where we believed that inclusivity is not just an option but the most pragmatic way to be, was the internship program. Students from various colleges worked with us for two months. The entire two months of the program made us feel less orchestrated and more human. Surprisingly, we stopped using unnecessary corporate buzzwords and strategy language but settled down for commonly known terms. What we found was that we loved it! By and large our clients loved this. We stopped responding in a programmed manner, rather started having conversations. More importantly it worked, helping us address business issues much better.

Yes, failures are a part of the building process and we have been surrounded by dark clouds more often than ever. To not let inertia drag us into complacency, we changed things every process. The journey in every process was new. Oh boy! how we evolved creative as a part of strategy.

Yes, it took more time, more effort but the ride was worth it, not just for the clients but for us as well. Working in a service industry becomes a challenging game where both, meeting expectations and providing a delightful experience isn’t a simple affair. But over a period of time we understood the richness of conversations that helped us arrive the right direction was many times more powerful than asking canned questions.

Amidst the vocations of a software engineer, operations manager, communications specialists or any fancy designated title, we are researchers.

What makes us so different?

At Reniso, we pride on every small winnings, we have the joy of every small discovery and celebrate every success together.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

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