How property management startups are building a better tomorrow?

Managing a property asset is not easy and the owner may find himself surrounded with plethora of problems that are out of bounds. As an owner how does one ensure that the property investment is generating handsome returns as desired. What if the owner wants to sell his property at the best deal? Does he have the expertise to find the buyer? Is he aware of the ongoing market price? What is the right time to sell the property? Does the buyer have a sound financial track record? Is the property in a saleable condition? How to attempt the repairs and renovations, especially if someone is not residing at the property and lives outstation or abroad? There are many such issues and constraints that the owners have to face. New startups in the real estate sector are changing the way you look at your property investment and its management. With a definite element of professionalism and accountability, these startups have found a striking resonance with the concerns of the property owners. Let’s find out as how this transformation is occurring.

Property management as a segment of real estate service derives its significance from the fact that a whole bunch of orientations are served through linkages with the service providers at secondary level. Whether you seek repairs, renovations or aiming sale or leasing of your property at the best rates, the property management firms offer to take up the mantle in hassle-free ways. The professionalism speaks through the much desired parameters of finesse, hassle free settlements, timeliness, transparency and regular updates. Often the property sale deals are marred by the poor interfaces, under valuations, delays and suspicious dealings. Leasing could also become a troublesome experience due to unreliable vendor dealings, inadequate tenant information and lack of legal support that many a times prevent the property owners to adopt a positive outlook towards the potential earnings. Property management specialists offer to provide seamless interfaces so that the discrepancies are removed and the desired returns are realized.

Apart from acting as the best channel for sale and lease of property for any owner, the property management firms also perform for their clients’ important tasks such as tenant management, delinquency management, rent collection, legal documentation, maintenance & regular monitoring of the property. This orientation is particularly significant for those owners who are not present in the city and live abroad for professional or personal reasons. In such cases, there is a general vulnerability in the absence of a professional caretaker for the property. The property managers take care of the asset in a holistic fashion eliminating all woes.

Loan services, legal advice and property insurance are also some service dimensions that are offered by the property managers for the owners who can be assured of the immaculate delivery. With service dedication, the management oriented real estate startups are transforming the world for good. Leading banners like Reniso, Fastfox, NoBroker, PropTiger have achieved fame at their credit through the specialized services portfolio.

Reniso, founded by alumni of IIT and IIM, brings a flawless experience of property management for its clients. It offers a complete range of services from property monitoring, leasing, maintenance, renovation, sale/ purchase, loan & insurance services along with legal and advisory assistance. Right from property management work processes to smartly-designed, smooth and functional client interface that works basis a slew of complex algorithms, the platform ensures quality deliverable, adding to the customer delight.

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